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mausschieber 24-07-2017 15:12

Project IGI Anthology 1xCD700 CIUV2 2039
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Project IGI Anthology 1xCD700 CIUV2 2039

-CIUv2 By Yener90
-Contributors in the modification and improvement of the script:
BAMsE; Razor12911; Simorq; KaktorCIUV2 CIU2039

graphic found ingame and online
Arts by mausschieber

Folder Structure:

Project IGI Anthology:


---- Project IGI  1------------------| igi.exe
---- Project IGI  2------------------| igi2.exe

At Request from unarc 125

CD1 ~ 700 MB

compression: srep/lzma
prepare time: ~30 min ([email protected] / 32GB RAM)
installation time: ~5 min

Version Hisotry:
Version 1.0: Initial Release


1. Install Game, update to latest version + No-DVD.
2. Download the Conversion and extract to HD, (not in game folder)
3. Copy Icon from Icon folder near the Exefile
4. Run UltraARC.exe select game folder, output location, Select the compression method to use (feel free to use it or not)
5. Test the conversion, before burning ISO.

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