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panker1992 06-01-2020 21:57

AFR 019 version with STDIO support based on Razor12911
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This will work with Wildlands

kenzo34 07-01-2020 01:23

Thanks, panker1992 happy New Year

Celestosapien 08-01-2020 00:36

Thanks man

devil777 09-01-2020 10:06

About corrupted Blocks
Uh Panker, dude while i was packing .forge files with some game folders with it (those folders had only .forge files nothing else) the tool shows "corrupted blocks found". The game is GR wildlands.

Is that a problem regarding CRC match or MD5 value?

!These Files were Packed with Xtool_pzlib+srep+lzma before I tried AFR(the one you have provided+srep(not 3.9)+fl2(the fast Lzma)

panker1992 09-01-2020 11:11

it will work fine :D even if it says data corrupted

devil777 11-01-2020 12:11

Thanks dude.. by the way will this one work with Assassin's creed series and other Ubisoft games made in AnvilNext Engine?

panker1992 11-01-2020 14:52

its created to do as much :D so yeah

devil777 14-01-2020 12:14

Another thing dude what's the difference between this one and the AFR_v0.19 of Edison???

Didn't that one had a. Stdin stdout support(in you mask compression v3.0's arc.ini had that Stdin stdout thing in Unpackcmd of AFR)

panker1992 14-01-2020 21:00

the difference is that this one doesnt need a cls-afr to work stdin and stdout.

in my masks i think its the afr 20 version. this afr 019.

if you want to compress wildlands then you need this one.

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