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ottuh 01-10-2009 13:44

FIFA 10 1x DVD9 to 1x DVD5 (MULTI5)
Fifa 10 1x DVD9 to 1x DVD5
With this conversion you will remove the following languages:
- Dutch
- French
- German
- Italian
You will keep the following language:
- English

1. Copy all game files to temp folder.
2. Delete files:


When you want to keep the Dutch language for example don't remove the files:


But the files:


3. Replace all this removed files with empty files. How to do this:
- Open Computer.
- Click on Tools, Folder options...
- Click on View tab.
- Uncheck following option: 'Hide extensions for known file types.'
(After the conversion you can check this box again)
- Now go to the alocale map in your temp folder.
- Click you right mouse button, select new and click on Text Document.
- Remove the whole name including '.txt' and type name 'pcc.dutp.vp6'.
Do this for all files, don't forget the files in map data\audio.
- Hit 'ENTER' if you get a warning click 'Yes'.
- Save the files to a Compressed ISO File (*.isz) with UltraISO

I kept Dutch language and tested this conversion, works 100%
DVD Size: 3.78gb
Does someone know how to burn a .isz file?

miqelm 03-10-2009 14:25

How to burn ISZ file:

Step 1

Install Daemon tools. When you do this, it will restart your Computer.
When it restarts, it will complete the setup.(Be careful however as there is one part towards the end of the install that if you click to accept, will sign you up to annoying adware Simply click decline)

Step 2

Install ISORecorder and ImgBurn (You only need to install imgburn if you dont have a burning program already, that is capable of burning iso's

Step 3

The latest version of daemontools has ISZ support.

So, rightclick on the lighting bolt on your taskbar (daemontools icon)
then goto --> Virtual CD/DVD --> Device 0: (There should only be one) --> Mount Image.
Navigate to your isz image file. This will mount you isz file as a virtual cd. It will appear as if you have inserted the cd.

Step 4

Find the virtual cd in my computer. Right click on it. ISORecorder should have added an option to "Create Image from CD" - click on it. Follow the cd recording wizard.

Step 5

You will now have an iso file, made from your original isz. You simply burn this with imgburn or just about any other CD burner(Nero).


peterf1999 04-10-2009 06:52

3 Attachment(s)
FIFA 10 Multi 7 (DVD9 to 1xDVD5 1 Language) FREEARC+MSI Custom Actions

1) Make temp folder


2) Copy all contents of DVD9 to 'temp\FIFA10'

3) Replace with dummy files (except your language files):


eal_*.vp6 files in 'temp\FIFA10\alocale\'

pcc_*.vp6 in 'temp\FIFA10\alocale\'

dat_*.big in 'temp\FIFA10\data\audio\'

4) Start FREEARC browse 'temp\FIFA10\data\' folder, or directly from DVD9 select:


all *.big files in 'data' folder
Output archive: FIFA10_arc
Compression: Maximum (192mb decompression)
Make exe: Windows GUI: freearc.sfx

5) Move FIFA10_arc.exe to 'temp\FIFA10\'

6) Replace with dummy files all *.big files previously compressed

7) Extract & overwrite 'FIFA10_1xDVD5.7z' contents to 'temp\FIFA10\'

8) Edit "Support\localization.ini" file for selecting only available languages.

Put space char for deleted languages in [LOCALES] section,
like this;



step 8 by copernic

9) Burn or make ISO with same label name of temp folder

pastarella 04-10-2009 12:00

Tnx work perfectly on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit :)

copernic 04-10-2009 13:52

Thanks for your help and instructions,
your conversion works for me.

I made from Multi7 1xDVD9 to
1xDVD5 English Only; dvd size 3.60GB,
1xDVD5 Eng & Spa; dvd size 4.09GB.

I also edited "Support\localization.ini" file for selecting only avaliable languages.

Put space char for deleted languages in [LOCALES] section,
like this;



victory144 04-10-2009 18:46

Thanks "peterf1999" 100% Working ..
Tested on W7 64bit

LonelyBaronJunior 05-10-2009 05:19

Thanks peterf1999, Multi7 working on win XP proSP3 x86

stefboombastic 06-10-2009 03:31

1 Attachment(s)
Ok I tested myself :) The answer to my previous question is yes, The installation automatically extract the compressed .big files and replace the dummy ones.
I created the archive selecting from within "data" folder!

I've uploaded a batch script I created for replacing automatically the ".big" files with dummy files after creating the FreeArc archive.
Extract both files "dummy" and "dummy.bat" into Your "data" folder then double click on "dummy.bat", and that's all :)

Joe Forster/STA 06-10-2009 05:57


Originally Posted by meteora2003 (Post 377992)
What does it mean “Replace With Dummy Files”??

Create new files with the same names, e.g. in Notepad/Wordpad, leave them empty and save them.

peterf1999 06-10-2009 07:46

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by fadi04 (Post 377994)
i follow the iinstructions exactly but still asking for
Zdata.00 and the others
in other words it asks for the files that replaced with dummy ones
please peterf help me

Use those dummy files

stefboombastic 06-10-2009 11:01

I tested peterf1999's guide twice already and it works perfectly! I have even burned the DVD and installed from it!
BE SURE that You have EXACTLY the same version of the game!

The idea of compressing some files and replacing them with dummy files (files with the same name, but empty, zero byte long) is great and trivial at the same time, so if You can't manage to use the msi files downloaded from here You can build Your own 1xDVD5 version very easily:

- Copy all the content of the DVD9 in a temp folder
- compress with whatever software You like(WinRAR, Ace, FreeArch..) the biggest files inside the temp folder(usually .big) in an archive(use best compression ;) ) that You will put apart.
- now delete EACH big file You compressed (that is now inside the archive) and REPLACE each with an empty file HAVING THE SAME NAME OF THE ONE DELETED (You can create a new notepad file, and rename it) .. BE SURE THAT BOTH FILENAME AND EXTENSION MATCH! BE SURE THAT Your Explorer shows the extensions of ALL FILES! This trick cheats the installer that will think it is installing all the files! So You do not need any modded msi file!
- create the DVD(You can create an ISO and then load it with Daemon Tools for testing!) with the same DVD label of the original DVD9, putting inside all the content of the temp folder. You can save the archive with the original big files compressed either in the same DVD, if there is enough space, or in another DVD.
- install the game from the DVD You have just created.
- Now extract the files in the archive REPLACING the dummy files inside subfolders of the installation folder (e.g. c:\program files\EA Sports\FIFA 10\)..

The idea is very simple, and requires very basic computer knowledge, if You do not manage to do it, feel free to ask ..


stefboombastic 07-10-2009 06:29


Originally Posted by pastarella (Post 378043)
StarBurn OK, tnx stefboombastic
Who is to blame?
Nero 7.5 (ISO 9660 + Joliet) or UltraISO (the ISO created, works fine with Daemon Tools)?

peterf1999 hihihihi

You are welcome :)

Well Nero as far as I remember is always complaining for long file names and so on.. I tried also burning images created with UltraISO with Starburn and it worked always fine ;) ..But with Starburn You can create ISOs very easily.
It exists also in portable version.. so even not needed to be installed.. can stay on a pen card :)
Try before with a rewritable DVD5 :)

pastarella 07-10-2009 07:19

Make the iso and then burning Starburn always works perfectly.
I think it is the fault of the too old version of Nero Burning Rom
Before I had a 7:11 with XP installed and I never had problems and now find I had to install the older version 7.5.

peterf1999 07-10-2009 07:26


Originally Posted by pastarella (Post 378047)
Make the iso and then burning Starburn always works perfectly.
I think it is the fault of the too old version of Nero Burning Rom
Before I had a 7:11 with XP installed and I never had problems and now find I had to install the older version 7.5.

Starburn, is a piece of s*** :D

Use IMGBURN, the best free burning software ;)

abdallah9 07-10-2009 17:30

i have some thing to lose more size
in root there are folder with name "Redistributable"
there is a lot *.exe files there we can delete it or make it *.txt and convert it
like other files

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