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Los5782 10-07-2011 12:48

Want 2 Learn how 2 make a Mod Chip?
hey guys, I'm looking to learn something of something about building a mod chip, specifically looking to make a mod chip 4 an xbox360 controller, like for rapid fire, automatic dropshot, n the goodies on call of duty, more interested in learning than anything else, I know how to mod a 360, *flashing* & such. Can anyone guide me to maybe a link, or any type of tutorial, with information to get me started? any help would be much appreciated. thanks . :)

SuppA-SnipA 15-01-2012 10:13

you would need to know how to design circuits, pcb's for the purpose of your project, then get them printed from a manufacturer.

for example, the rapid fire for the 360 controller, at first the devs tried multiple ways using just wires, and possibly a vast array of different components. once anyone gets the result they seek, they would make a diagram and start working on getting the pcb's printed.

i believe it all essentially comes down to pcb design, knowledge of electronics, and understanding the systems architecture, which is key!

i will say, i do believe that designing a modchip, (without copying another design :) ) could be more tricky.

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