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Richardagr 16-11-2009 02:01

tsop flashing a softmodded xbox
I brought a xbox that was turning on with just the green light going with no pic or sound. So i go the bios must be [email protected]#$:(. Now and again it would work so i have softmodded it with ndure and xbobhdm :) My question is what is the best way to flash bios. I was thinking i could use evox but everywhere I look it says its no good for flashing so what would be the best way.Oh I have taken off the write protection and dont have mem card.

DABhand 16-11-2009 09:58

I am lost....

Richardagr 16-11-2009 12:00

yea not to clear was I:)Sorry what I wanted to know is what is the best way to flash the on board bios of a softmodded bios. I have soldered the pads together in order to enable write access. I think Ill just do it and see's what happens:rolleyes: Ill be back:D

Quall999 17-11-2009 17:52

Use Team Assembly's "ConfigMagic 1.6". You have to set the bios in a config ini that comes with it.

Viatorex 21-03-2010 10:41

instead of using ConfigMagic 1.6 you can edit .ini by notepad and then flash your xbox

Quall999 21-03-2010 15:44

EvoX does not support a full erase of the xbox TSOP. It only supports block erasing. Due to that limitation it cannot flash TSOP chips which require a full erase. That is why people say that it is not good and can brick your xbox with a bad flash. It is not recomended unless you verify that your TSOP is supported.

ConfigMagic or Raincoat linux is a better solution. This is an old topic but I thought you should know.

vibhavram 25-05-2010 21:41

I to had this kind of problem. No xbox expert could rectify this problem. One of my friend downloaded some file from internet and installed in my xbox and it started working. I will ask my friend and keep that solution here in a while.

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