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devkid666 11-07-2009 22:02

issues with xbox game trainers
ok, this sounds weird to myself but if anyone can resolve this issue i would be grateful about it, so here it is:

when trying to boot the trainers from the folder they are stored in, they do register to the game they are supposed to work with, but when i try to look at the trainers, theres nothing there :( so i dont know but i would like to get this resolved

Quall999 12-07-2009 13:49

I assume you are using Evolution X for trainers because it is more common?

Just so we are clear, you select the trainers option on the dashboard and nothing appears, but when you boot the game, the trainers are enabled?

You might want to open the evox.ini file and make sure that the trainer section is pointing to the correct folder. Look around the dashboard for other folders that might contain trainers. Maybe you are looking in one because of the name, but they might actually exist in another.

Did you turn the trainers on ever? They are supposed to be off by default.

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