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donutman123 06-01-2009 15:38

XBOX error
I just got my xbox, and i got an error. Every 5 minutes, i disconnect from xbox live for some reason... but it still connected (wired not wireless)
the Also, I'm trying to connecting to live (NAT). Everytime i try to connect to LIVE, it says my nat is either strict, or moderate. And I tried the UPNP thing, but everytime i enabled it, adn then clicked on apply, and i click on something else, and returned to UPNP, it still says disabled. Everytime!!!. PLZ HELP!!!

BTW my gamer tag is: donutman3lit3

Quall999 09-07-2009 17:00

Sorry mate, you may need to talk to MS about this.

You either have 2 choices. Open the 360 ports here:

or give your xbox a static IP and then enable the DMZ in your router with the xbox address (all blocked traffic will be forwarded to the xbox instead of denying entry).

edit:oops i though this was posted this month. sorry a little late i guess.

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