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fyalkowski 17-08-2007 20:19

PAL Xbox to NTSC TV help?
I trying to use a modded PAL Xbox on an American NTSC rear projection HDTV. The Xbox is running Evo X/Unleash X. Under Settings, I've switched the Xbox from PAL to NTSC M, but the picture is still black & white.

Do I have to install yet another program? I've seen a lot of forums talking about Enigmah, but these posts are old, and I don't really trust that it's the most up to date way of doing things.

Thanks for helping a noob. It's much appreciated.

kosmiq 18-08-2007 04:49

Enigmah Video Mode Switchdisc works just fine. I've been using it many times over the years.

fyalkowski 19-08-2007 10:05

Sweet. I tried it and all looks good on my end. Just wanted another opinion before I went for it.


Quall999 23-08-2007 06:43

Hmm, I thought HD projection sets had an input select for pal and ntsc.

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