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Psyduck 25-11-2004 08:21

XBox Region Change
Hi, I've got a modded UK PAL xbox (Aladdin Advance chip), and I would like to play Dead or Alive Ultimate on XBL. I've got an original copy of the game, but obviously can't run it at the moment with the chip off.

I know there is a way to switch the region using configmagic, but I'm not sure what I'm doing. Is there a tutorial anywhere that could help? Or an easier way to do it? And is it definitely safe to do (i.e. no banning)?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Quall999 25-11-2004 16:08

there are some tools at that will only change region. There are 2 of them, I cannot recall their names but they are pretty self explanatory.

Psyduck 26-11-2004 09:10

I feel a little stupid now for not spotting them on the site that I found this forum from, although they're not very well placed - under "patch tools".
They're called Enigmah Video Mode Select CD and Enigmah PAL/NTSC Selector, if anyone else is looking for them.

Thanks a lot for the help.

Psyduck 26-11-2004 12:07

OK, those programs didn't actually make US games work on my xbox without the chip - not entirely sure what they do....
But I did manage it anyway, using this:
and just not quite following the instructions - changed my xbox region to the US one, obviously, and it's working now without problems.

Thanks anyway for the help, and again, hopefully this will hope anyone else looking for the same thing.

jbelle 15-10-2008 08:25

Hello, I recently was gifted whith this XBOX bought in German (PAL) and I'm now trying to "save" it to run my NTSC games. I found different instructions about doing this over the internet. They seem to work only on older chipsets. Am I right (hope not!)?

This is a Arcade series (no HD). Falcom board with Lite-on chip.

Does the instructions posted by Psyduck ( applies to me?

What about this tutorial:

At last, is there already a way to unlock Lite-on?

Thanks, Julie.

Quall999 15-10-2008 16:39

Do you mean that you have an xbox 360? The config-magic tutorial is for the original xbox, not the 360.

There is no way for you to make the system region free.

Here is a list of of games and the regions they play in.

The current xbox 360 hacks (which the average user can do) does not allow you to play region-specific games. It is strictly limited to unmodified backups.

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