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chaos_the_runeknkight 11-09-2004 21:31

I think i killed my xbox and my xbit
first of all sry i am a noob. I just got an xbit modchip and i did the internal insatlition and then i formated my xbit, turned the dip switches to i wrote the evoxm7 bios the the bios 5, then i disconnected it and turned the dip switches to, reconnected it and tried to verify the bios, but it always says the files do not match, no matter how many different ways i try to flash the bios. also my xbox worked erfectyl untill i installed my xbit now it says it needs repair, but i followed the instructions perfectly, nd even had my friend kanji help(he konws alot about comps, even told me to ground myself and do this and that) and it now boots to theveryfirst part where it has the xbox logo and says microsoft, then the led flashes red and green and it says it needs repair, can anyone help me? oh yeah it also makes a bad grinding nopise when it truns off

Ps2_MaD 12-09-2004 08:31

Im sure someone else has had this problem, and check the stickys. But otherwise I cant help, sorry :(

Copesnuffdss 17-10-2004 21:40

Try puting you chip on flash mode and then us Slayer,s auto installer it will flash chip with right bios and install evox :)

Jay_83 18-10-2004 03:06

Turn the dipswitches to the same ones you flashed

ie if you flashed the chip "on off off off on" Thats the bank you've flashed. So you need to leave it on that!

djgarf 19-10-2004 11:27

the dip switches can be set anyway u want when u flash it
it depends on how u format it and where u flash the bios as to where u set the dip switches

Jay_83 19-10-2004 11:48

But if you flash bank 1 then change the dip switches to bank 2 it won't work.

Which ever bank you flash, you have to keep the dip switches on. Unless of course you use multiple bios's

robpury 22-08-2007 07:44

There are a few things everyone should know about the x-bit 1.5......
1st: Use the 1.5 flash software when flashing a 1.5 chip, DUH. The old 1.0 software will not work and you will have errors. Download from
2nd: Unplug all USB devices (even keyboard and mouse; use ps/2 connections) This avoids no connection issues and random errors while flashing
3rd: Clean/scrape off the d0 points with a very small tipped screwdriver, nail, or thumbtack.

Besides the obvious dip switch settings, wire hookups, and the right .bin file/size(I'm using evox m8plus.bin) these three tips are by far the most important to remember when flashing and installing an x-bit 1.5. This chip will work on all 1.0-1.5 XBOX models solderlessly and the 1.6 with an adapter.

kosmiq 22-08-2007 15:12

Way to go, resurrected a 3 year old thread...

Quall999 23-08-2007 06:41

lol, I think the guy knows all about the xbit now.

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