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ZAZA4EVER 22-10-2019 16:04

Assassin's.Creed.Odyssey.Ultimate.Edition.V1.5.1 (ENG ONLY)

Repack From 89.2GB To 35.5Gb
use AFR Patch By Razor (AFR+Srep+LOLZ)

other Files (Srep+LOLZ)


KaktoR 26-10-2019 04:25

Diablo III incl. RoS and Necromancer Pack



12:21:52 - Starting Data1.bin.001 creation
13:25:17 - Finished Data1.bin.001 creation

Input size:  16.658g
Output size: 12.514g

darkwolves 26-10-2019 17:12

looking at all the compression methods since this was all started..
so much work put in.
but it looks as if i will be saying goodbye to fileforums..

oltjon 27-10-2019 02:24


Originally Posted by darkwolves (Post 483186)
looking at all the compression methods since this was all started..
so much work put in.
but it looks as if i will be saying goodbye to fileforums..


darkwolves 27-10-2019 14:05


Originally Posted by oltjon (Post 483190)

i don't really have the time for it anymore

darkwolves 28-10-2019 12:58

i will leave all my methods up i won't rob @justfun of that
its just with work and everything i dont even have time to play games
anymore...let alone repack them

ZAZA4EVER 30-10-2019 07:10

Repack Size From 26.3GB To 21GB

Method on **Cas Files


-oo2reck+srep:m3f:a16:d1g+lolz:d128m:mt6:fba0: mc1023:gm20
Other Files



ZAZA4EVER 30-10-2019 13:10

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by dixen (Post 482927)
1. Launch QuickBMS
2. Download and Save UE4 script
3. Select this script
4. Select *.pak file from Borderlands3 Game Folder
5. Select folder for unpacked files
6. Enter decrypt key
7. ENJOY!!

Thanks Man For Your Steps But Your Script dont work i try this and work

L0v3craft 30-10-2019 15:41


Originally Posted by ZAZA4EVER (Post 483227)
Thanks Man For Your Steps But Your Script dont work i try this and work

Hi. Yes with that we can extract every pak file of the game... but what we must use to re-create the pak files? I have used an old version of UnrealPak.exe but the game doesn't work. Someone has a tool to share, that works perfectly with this game, to re-create the pak files? Thanks.

KaktoR 03-11-2019 08:01

StarCraft II incl. WoL, HotS, LotV, Nova Mission Pack



15:19:37 - Starting Data1.bin.001 creation
16:56:27 - Finished Data1.bin.001 creation

Input size:  24.571g
Output size: 19.309g

Simorq 05-11-2019 00:42

Fallout 4: Game Of The Year Edition

Without High Resolution Texture Pack
Method 1

Based On:          CODEX
Original Size:      34.4 GB
Method:            zlib+rep+srep:m3f:l512:m512+lolz:d32:mtt1:mt6:mc1023
Compression Time:  5H 45M
Decompression Time: 12M
Compressed Size:    22 GB

Method 2

Based On:          CODEX
Original Size:      48.3 GB
Method:            bpk+xZLib+srep:m3f:l512:m512+lolz:dtb1:mtt1:mt6:mc1023
Compression Time:  ?
Decompression Time: ?
Compressed Size:    21.4 GB

• Used Tools By Bulat Ziganshin, ProFrager, Razor12911

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor 3.20GHz
Memory: 16 GB

ZAZA4EVER 07-11-2019 03:13

Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition v1.0.1207.60
Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition v1.0.1207.60
Repack Size From 112.5GB To 79.85GB

Method on **rpf File+Dlcs Folder


-oo2reck+srep:m3f:a16:d1g+lolz:d128m:mt6:fba0: mc1023:gm20
Other Files Audio+Anim+Movies



KaktoR 09-11-2019 11:43

Elite Dangerous + Horizons DLC + Season Pass



17:42:20 - Starting Data1.bin.001 creation
19:54:31 - Finished Data1.bin.001 creation

Input size:  20.860g
Output size: 14.066g

darkwolves 09-11-2019 16:10

Tekken 7 ultimate Edition With negan
2 Attachment(s)
you can remove the gallery videos they are unimportant
the size before you remove them is 73 GB
the size after is 61gb

Method Extract all .pak files with provided tools credit for these tools goes to Luigi Auriemma and FluffyQuack


srep+delta+4x4:t2:b2047m:lzma:ultra:a1:mfbt4:d200m :fb273:mc1000000000:lc8

i removed 4X4 from the arc ini from fazip so it made ot launch 2 independant threads speeding it up
50 minute decompress
Size after with gallery videos 39 gb

35 minute decompress
size after without gallery videos 28 gb

to extract use the .bms labeled Tekken 7 its been alterd for this game it ignores encryption
to pack back up use the .bat file UnrealPak-Without-Compression.. the files do not decompress so...
i recommend renaming the folders extracted in to the corresponding files name without the .pak on the end..
drag each folder 1 by 1 into UnrealPak-Without-Compression from the Unreal Pack folder i have provided and it packs them back up..
you can do them all at once just make sure you drag them to the .bat 1 by 1 it takes me about 25 minutes to pack them pack up the tool also puts .pak back at the end of the file and its ready to go right away

KaktoR 15-11-2019 11:11

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition
Initial release, nothing ripped.



17:53:48 - Starting Archive Creation
20:10:02 - Archive Creation Complete

Input Size:  42.876g
Output Size: 25.247g

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