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nonicknamesleft 26-05-2003 02:44

How can I increase read speed?
I have a sony DRU500A, when ripping dvd to HD the read speed with dvd-decrptor is 2x and nero is 2- 4x. So its sometimes taking 30min to rip a movie.
In light of this I bought a lite-on 16x dvd-rom. My read speed has not changed.
Has firmware got anything to do with read speeds?
Does anybody know how I can increase my read speeds?


OURKID 26-05-2003 03:15

Think you may find m8 that the sony and the lite-on are the same drive but just badged under the sony name...i have 2 puters and the newest has a sony dvd in it and it is the same drive as my earlier lite-on but just badged under sony....lite-on are a prolifiic manufacturer of drives for a lot of different companies.

Another reason you may have is that you dvd reader is running as 'slave' drive on your hard drive ide cable so that may slow it down somewhat...but usualy it's down to you system you processor power and memory capacity....the machine can only process so much information so how fast your reader is won't make a great deal of difference.

[email protected] 26-05-2003 04:57

The reason for this is because Macrovision have imposed their greedy ways...
Every new dvd drive has restrictions on it so that it can only rip protected dvds at 2x maximum because of Macrovision.

Two ways to get around this - bring back your old dvd-rom if you have one. Or look around for hacked versions of firmware for your drive. The pioneer 105 for example has a hacked firmware available that will let you rip faster than 2x.

nonicknamesleft 26-05-2003 05:47

thks Folks
I thought firmware was only relevant for writers.
I recently succesfully changed my firmware to 1.0D on my sony so I could write at 4x w/Ritek so I know how to do that.
I will now check what firmware is available for the lite on reader so that I can speed up burning to HD.

one more point-
Both the ide channels were used on my pc with the sony writer(dru500A) and a lite on cd-burner I had , so I bought an IDE controller and connected up this new lite on dvd-rom as the master on this new channel- would this cause read speed to be so slow?

I have a dell precision 220 with p3 733 , win 2k , 512m. Never any issue with pc being slow and it is great for multi tasking so I don't think that is causing it to read slow. What do you think?


TylerDurden 27-05-2003 17:26


Originally posted by [email protected]
The reason for this is because Macrovision have imposed their greedy ways...
Every new dvd drive has restrictions on it so that it can only rip protected dvds at 2x maximum because of Macrovision.

This answer intrigued me. I then went to my backup collection (all of which are demacrovisioned) and proceeded to rip. I wasnt suprised when I was still ripping at 2x max.

I can on occasion get up to 8x on some PS2 dvds. I mean reach that speed not hold it. But it does rip a heck of a lot faster than Movie DVD's.

I figure that because Movie DVD's are constant MPEG where PS2 games are bits and pieces of movie files.


scoobywrxsti 29-05-2003 16:54

slow ripping
i have a pioneer which rips between 8x to 10x but after installing recordnow dx the ripping went down to 2x then i noticed that xp had turned dma off put it back on and back to 10x hope this helps im a virgin to this forum:confused:

[email protected] 30-05-2003 00:45

Pressed media will always read much faster because it is much easier for the drive to notice the transition from or to a gap on the track, due to a higher reflection coefficient.

With recorded media, the reflection is much lower (about 30% or less), hence the drive has a harder time finding out the transitions, hence you get a higher error rate and to compensate for that, the drive has to reduce its speed.

Try ripping any macrovision protected original and you'll notice it will stay a constant 2x, while ripping your backup you'll see that it may just break the 2x barrier.

I've been using hacked firmware for my Pioneer 105 for a while now and it lets me rip protected originals much faster.

For more info read a few stickies here

TylerDurden 30-05-2003 06:00

@[email protected]

Yeah Ill read that later, especially since most of it has to do with the AO5 which I dont use. But Im sure its a good read.

The fact is, I still able to read my ps2 games at 6-8x on recorded media which tells me the reflectivity is fine. While a clean (unmacro and unprotected) movie dvd only goes as fast as 2x. I tend to believe what I see before what I read and that is just what I see.


[email protected] 30-05-2003 07:14

There's a reference to it on CDFreaks
and here's a page for the Toshiba version of it.

The reading of recorded DVD-R's may vary from drive to drive and maybe your drive is well capable of doing it. Hopefully you can find a f/w for your drive to see if it helps with your movies.

nonicknamesleft 10-06-2003 04:36

update- readspeed
i have traded in my Dell pc for a newly built pc with Win XP p4 -1.5, 120gb hd, pioneer a05,lite- on dvd- rom 16x.
I traded my sony burner I was having so many problems with ritek 4x in for the pioneer AO5 burner.

Since this, my lite on reader that was peaking at 1.9x now reaches 8x-10x and only takes max 10-12 min to rip a 4.3 gb dvd-r.
As for reading original dvd's in dvd decryptor it reaches max 5x so far and this is reading marcro protected dvd's.

So what does this tell me-?

Pioneer burns 4x ritek at 4x with not one fail so far. Sony maybe in future when they release correct firmware will do so but not good enough really for me.
Lite on now rips at the speeds I bought it for- so was it my system not fast enough, set up incorrectly I dont know but its all good now.


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