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spawniectes 09-06-2013 21:09

Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood - CIU + Freearc + *No Compression*
9 Attachment(s)
Call of Juarez - Bound in Blood CIU + FreeArc *No Compresion*

Based on CIU by yener90; base .bat file by fabioddq based on Peterf1999's method;

Note: Remove your original uninstall files before you make the conversion;
move Support folder to DVD1;
You must have installed K-lite codec pack for correct video playback

1. Install the game. Download attachment and extract (not in game folder);

2. Run Compress.bat, type your game directory and wait for Finished!

3. Make ISO and test before you burn. You can make ISO automatically with ImgBurn if you have installed.

pakrat2k2 14-07-2013 19:40

nice job on installer.

yet no one replies to thank you.

johnnyalex 31-01-2015 13:26

Thank you for your collaboration, works well with the 1.1 update added

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